Monday, 20 February 2017

Week 4

Last week we looked at Charters and Treaties, and what the purpose of them is. The class brainstormed ideas for our Class Charter. Instead of signatures we added our photos.
This is what the Room 12 Charter looks like.


On Wednesday we had our first Futsal Session on the top court. We learned to control and dribble the ball.


                             Year 4/5 Room 12 2017

We are celebrating Sophia's success as a published artist. Sophia was given a poem to illustrate and her drawing was chosen to be published with the poem.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

                         Term One 2017

Welcome back to another school year. What a lovely group of super learners there are in Room12. Great to have  my Year 5 children back, and a warm welcome from all of us to the new Year 4 children. I am looking forward to working with you all this year. 
I enjoyed meeting parents and setting goals with your children. Thank you for coming. 

Welcome to Amanda Burrows who has joined us. I taught her mother and her two aunties. Her nana also worked at Opawa School How is that for a piece of history.

Writing -  We looked at a picture of the classroom,  and then wrote a piece called "Moment In Time"
Here are some pieces of  the children's writing.

I saw children crowding around the work sheets.
I heard the teacher talking.
I felt happy because my friends are in this room.
I wonder how this year will be.
                                                  By Mia 

I saw children crowding everywhere.
I heard children from different classes chit-chatting to each other.
I felt too shy to make new friends, and I was too anxious to speak.
I wondered if I would get to know people properly.
                                                                                    By Eileen

I saw a television on the wall.
I heard people talking.
I felt angry because I wasn't ready to start school.
I wondered how long it was until home time.
                                                                By Isaac

I saw books on top of shelves.
I heard people talking to each other.
I felt tired, very tired.
I wondered if this was going to be a good day.
                                                                By James.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Term 2 Highlights

Kai liked being in the choir.

Grace enjoyed Art. She liked the painting activities.

Dylan B enjoyed playing Medic with his friends.

Ava R enjoyed singing in the Choir and doing Kapahaka.

Torion liked the Matariki celebrations.

Lilly also enjoyed doing the Matariki activities.

Tyson likes beating everyone in races.

Poppy likes doing Just Dance because she has fun with her friends.

Ava B likes Reading and she is a very good reader.

Iulai likes playing football with his friends at break.

Eva thinks Maths is the best and enjoys Poetry as she can add illustrations.

Maddie thinks Golden Time is good because it is a reward for being good and working well.

Dylan enjoys playing rugby for the school.

James likes bringing in his rock and gem collection to share with the class.

April finds fitness fun.

Josh thinks having Wheels at break times is cool.

On Wednesday a group of Year 1- 4 students ran in the Inter-School Cross Country at Hillview Christian School. 
Congratulations to Poppy and Madeline who competed in the event .
Madeline came second which was a great achievement. Room 12 is feeling proud.

Week 10 Quality Worker Award -Tabitha.

Achievement Awards  -Lachlan and Poppy.

       Happy Holidays, see you in Term 3.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Week 10

Last Tuesday night the Junior Choir performed at the Aurora Centre. Congratulations on an amazing performance. Our two songs were Build Me Up Buttercup and Que Sera.

Madeline is a staunch Tactix fan and went to watch the team play The Pulse. Her favourite player is Zoe Walker.
She made a poster to take to to the game.


Player of the Day
Last week Poppy was named player of the day for her football team. She shared her trophy and certificate at News time.

Relaxation Time
After fitness we have been practicing our deep breathing and relaxation techniques. 

This is the video we put on during this time

Matariki Celebrations
On Thursday we peeled, chopped and cut up vegetables to make soup in the crockpot. We shared the soup on Friday with our Room 7 buddies.  Most children enjoyed the taste of the vegetable soup.


Thursday, 23 June 2016

 Week 8

During Art time we have been experimenting with different painting techniques and colours. For this task we looked at sunsets and the use of warm colours. We painted our sunsets then added a tree silhouette, using a black jovi or black vivid. Here are some examples

Friday Sport


Dylan B - I am in the Year 5/6 football team and we play every Friday at Hagley Park. I am a mid fielder but have played in the goal sometimes. I enjoy playing against other schools. John Martin is also in the team but he is away at the moment. He sometimes plays in defence. 

Dylan F - I play rugby union for the Year 5/6 team. We play every Friday and it's lots of fun,  I have learnt how to tackle properly. I am a forward lock in the scrum.  

Today we did an experiment to see if raisins could dance.
first Julie told us a story about a circus and how they needed to make raisins dance.
Julie got some water and put seven raisins into into the water but nothing happened, so we thought we would try soda water. Julie put us into groups of 4 and sent us to our tables.
Then each group got a glass, seven raisins and  soda water.
After that we tipped all the ingredients into the glass and watched the raisins, eventually they moved. 
The raisins started floating upwards and after about 20 seconds they sank back down, so it looked like they were dancing.
The air in the fizzy drink stuck to the raisin which made it buoyant and float to the surface. The air bubbles popped and the raisins sank back down.
This was a fun experiment to try especially because we got to eat raisins after that.

On Monday morning we had a visit from
Amy (ASB) to talk about money. 
We found out the  difference between Debit and Visa cards.
A Debit card is your money and a Visa card is the bank's money. 
You should never give your pin to other people.
We can do chores to earn money and it is important to spend some but also save some.
We should shop around before making a purchase.
The session was fun

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Week 4 Term 2

Hi Room 12 are back online after a long break.

Today Torion received his librarian's badge. He is now helping to train other children in Room 12.

He also brought his budgie Ned to school. We enjoyed learning about Ned. Luckily Ned stayed on Torion and didn't fly around the room

On Tuesday Josh, Iulai and
John Martin had the opportunity to go and watch  a Crusaders' training session . The best part was getting their signatures. John Martin used his arms for paper.

Our Inquiry this term is looking at how substances combine to make new ones. Our big question is.
                               "What is Change"
On Monday we tasted Baking Soda, Icing Sugar and Tartaric Acid , after tasting each one we combined them together to make sherbet. Some of the language we used to describe the different tastes were; fizzy, popping bubbles, sour, sweet, yucky.

On Tuesday we tested  different substances to see if they were a base, neutral or an acid, We used liquid from red cabbage as the indicator.